George really should be a full member of the CB Music pantheon. His hit "Old Dancin' Fool" has been covered in the Greater Metropolitan Lubec area by Red Molly (in Eastport - though I haven't given up the idea of luring them here), the Pink Capos (who thought it was a Red Molly song), O'McCrelli (Kara denies this but I recall them doing it at Cohill's - that's when I told her it was George's song), and me (including a video with Carolann Solebello, who was with Red Molly when they did it with George). George and his wife Brenda are among my favorite people in the universe and I'm still hoping they'll show up in Lubec someday.

I thought I'd grab a couple of lines from one of his songs but got totally lost in his beautiful lyrics. You can read them - they should be in a book like Paul Simon's "Lyrics." I'll leave it to you to visit his site and then go to Bandcamp and buy all of his CDs - I just ordered his new one - "The Long Road Home."