Guitar Conversations

Michael DeLalla, Bob Ardern, and Tim Pence finish up "Guitar Conversations" with a blues jam at Crow Town Gallery in July, 2017.
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Missa Gaia

I would like to do video of all of Paul's work - or wish someone else would. At least the entire Missa Gaia. Wrote my philosophy paper on it long ago. Of course I got an "A". It's a great work - the music, I mean, not my paper. I might post the paper on my Easternmost Fred site someday.

Eugene Friesen and Elizabeth Rogers

I hesitate to describe my favorite things as "favorite" or "best" because those terms imply a hierarchy and somehow imply exclusion of all the other wonderful parts of life. This is especially true of the music performances at Crow Town Gallery. You can watch all the others on the channel and judge for yourself. Nevertheless, I also recall how overwhelmed I was by the reaction of the audiences to Liz and Eugene's concerts. Still overwhelmed.

Nikki and Lucky

Paul Winter's Solstice Celebrations are magnificent, and sometimes he ends the celebration with this. We cheer when he starts to introduce Nikki and Lucky -- Watch and see why:


A moment of peace
an eternity of tears -
pondering life,
awaiting death,

while stars stare down
and laugh at our fears

but for a moment,
a precious moment -
a lifetime of peace



Solstice Saga

From Paul Winter: "We’re happy to share this retrospective film with you for free. We ask that you might consider making a donation to Music for the Earth, which is a non-profit foundation dedicated to exploring ways that music can awaken our innate sense of relatedness to the natural world, and inspire involvement in the preservation of biodiversity and the natural environments of the earth."

There is more information, more concerts, and links on the Paul Winter Consort youtube channel.


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