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Fred Pierce

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Old, cranky, and obsessive. Fortunately also lazy so it all balances out. This is an old picture - I was nicer then.

If, in spite of all this, you still want to contact me, just follow the Contact CB Music link.

www: Fred Pierce
Upcoming Events
Sat Apr 27 @ 7:00PM -
Debra Cowan and John Roberts - House Concert
Fri May 03 @ 7:00PM -
Scott Ainslie - blues house concert
Fri May 10 @ 7:00PM -
Slaid Cleaves at the Gallery
Sun May 12 @ 7:00PM -
Scott Ainslie - blues at Crow Town Gallery
Tue May 14 @ 7:00PM -
the Rough and Tumble in Lubec

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