So - this time I'll just say what's here. The most popular item of course it the events calendar. Well, that used to be true! Now it is July of 2020 and I'm updating everything and everything is different. Long-term planning is... next week? All I can say is please, please, please! Everybody do their part with recommended precautions, consideration and care for your fellow humans, and help starve the nasty little viruses. If they can't find a ride, they can't get to a potential host, e.g. your lungs. There's no magic bullet - we have to beat this together.

We (Shanna Wheelock and I) had planned to end our concerts at Crow Town Gallery in June with North Sea Gas from Scotland. We had a great run for two years and before that, it was great working with Bonnie Beard for nearly eight years. There will never be enough ways to express my gratitude for the joy of working with Shanna, Bonnie, and Bonnie's late husband Ukey Santos.

I still plan to issue forth a newsletter from time to time and I hope you'll subscribe. Back issues are online - just follow the link - and see what you missed. You can also follow the FB and Youtube icons for other CB Music online presence. As our world moves online, this will become increasingly important. You can help by subscribing and commenting on the Youtube videos. With live gigs practically gone, we need to build a new online economy.

I hope you will be a frequent visitor and subscriber and that I'll see you at a musical event some time soon - though it's likely to be virtual. Our music binds us as nothing else does.

Thank you for your support!

Fred Pierce