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March 20 - Crow Town Gallery Dance

March 22 - Molana Oei House Concert
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2014/15 CB Music schedule at a Glance

Radoslav Lorkovic, Ronny Cox, Karen Mal
at Crow Town Gallery September 30, 2011

October 21, 2014. This thing was started before there were blogs. It's a psuedo-blog. No more will be added here until the web site has been completely re-done using somewhat more modern mehodology.

As of this writing - January 23, 2011 - and the number of concerts and performers has more than doubled. Ok - it is now January 9, 2013 and I've lost track of how many concerts...) Cobscook Bay Music had produced twenty concerts by eleven artists, not counting two weather cancellations. Plus two workshops. Although most have been in Lubec and Trescott, Cobscook Bay Music has also had concerts hosted in Eastport, Winter Harbor, and Calais.

Cobscook Bay Music technically is just me, Fred Pierce, but it is also the musicians, the venues, the audience, and even people who have never attended a concert but just like the idea enough to help spread the word that the Cobscook Bay area is not only a place of beauty for the eye, but the ear as well.

It's been almost a year and a half. So many great things have happened. The little pseudo-blog to the right of this column doesn't tell the story but are signposts of a journey which I hope has just begun. Scroll down and read Debra Cowan's words of January 2010 - we can all take pride in knowing that every artist who has performed here has had a similar experience and either has returned or is planning to.

As I said on introducing Debra at the Cobscook Community Learning Center last night, one of the few things I love more than music is sharing it. As long as I have the means or can find them, it is my desire to continue helping provide unique and fulfilling experiences for musicians and audiences.

What follows was written nearly a year and a half ago. Some of the ideas and plans described have come to fruition - others are still just ideas and plans. The good news is that more and more people are helping and encouraging me to turn ideas and plans into realities. Audiences are still small, but all depart with smiles on their faces and eyes bright with emotion. And they tell their friends. They've learned that live music, different music, is worth leaving their routines and opening themselves to this amazing phenomenon of human beings communicating, learning, sharing emotions - sharing cultures and histories, or just the ancient heritage of rhythm and note that brings us together as nothing else does..

So - the rest of this is from September 2009. Time to review it, see what I've learned, and bring it up to date:

Although a newcomer to the area, attracted in great part by the lively music community in the Lubec neighborhood, I have rapidly been made to feel at home and my desire to contribute to the community resulted. Being fortunate in having many talented musicians among my friends and acquaintances, and wanting to show off my new home, the approach seemed obvious to me: entice my friends north and east to see Washington County, and invite Washington County to hear them. Introduce them to our fine local musicians and musical community and provide a forum to stimulate interest, awareness, and musical dialog. Publicize the musicians and events and help nurture the growing reputation of the Cobscook area as a music and arts center in addition to its many other attractions.

Cobscook Bay Music will provide a kiosk for all things musical not only for Lubec but for Cobscook and the surrounding area. I hope to network with music promoters and hosts further afield in order to provide venues for musicians to help pay their expenses on their way East and to encourage cooperation in ensuring the success and growth of the Downeast music community as a whole.

I will further elaborate on my plans and ideas later. Right now I am most interested in hearing from all of you - musicians, music lovers, residents, visitors and potential visitors, anyone interested in listing an event, performing, selling CD's - I'm just "taking names" and comments at this point but plan to have an events calendar, message board and other features running very shortly, [ok - it's been a about "sometime], and already have commitments or tentative commitments from several artists I am sure you will enjoy. To make it happen though, I need your support.

Oh - I thought everybody knew: I'm Fred Pierce, and I've recently moved [nearly a year ago] to Lubec from Columbia, Maryland

So - contact me and let me know what you think. The Calendar is semi-functional and somewhat populated but there are lots more events coming. I plan to configure it so you can add and edit your own events and I'll be keeping busy during the winter getting the place ready for spring's festivities. I look forward to hearing from you. Tell me you support me or think I'm crazy, but the latter won't help much. I've learned to live with it.

Fred Pierce

October 20, 2014

2014 is fading away rapidly but still some good stuff coming up. On November 5, Debra Cowan and John Roberts will be joining local musicisans "From Away Downeast," David Wilder, Melissa Cushing, and Kris Paprocki and Ally Talbot in Pembroke. Bonnie Beard and Jody Grimes are starting a monthly dance at Crow Town Gallery, and on January 25th, 2015, Debra will be back for the first ever live streaming house concert from Lubec (that we know about anyway).

June 14, 2014

The season is really getting underway, with two successful concerts - the "All Day Breakfast" last stop by Bob Ardern and Manitoba Hal in April and Attila Vural's visit and collaboration with or own Jordan Jones in June. "Jazz Lubec" has 3 Sunday afternoon concerts coming plus CB Music has a "Blues Weekend" planned along with old favorites the Robinsons and super singer, songwriter, storyteller, and guitarist Jack Williams returning in September. Jack started it all back in 2009 and it's wonderful to finally have him back!

Little by little the word is getting out and the concerts are getting better attended. Please help build Lubec's music scene by telling your friends, visiting and subscribing to the YouTube channel and "liking" the videos. You will not only be helping advertise CB Music, but letting the world know about our wonderful little town and helping grow its economy. Likewise, signing up for the Facebook group and page, liking and sharing CB Music posts and such also help increase exposure. Links to both are above - it only takes a few clicks to boost our presence and ensure more music to come. Thanks!

March 6, 2014

Still rebooting... OK - done for now. The season will soon start, with me or without me, so guess I should do something. The overhaul of this site will have to wait a little longer. In the meantime, please welcome Bob Ardern back for a house concert on March 29 and then a big Crow Town concert on April 19 with his buddy, Montana Hal. Attila Vural will be here June 8 at C-Town and we'll have a Blues Weekend in July featuring Frank Fotusky and Eastport's own Colie Brice. Details coming soon.

August 20, 2013

Rebooting.... please wait....

August 12, 2012

Check out SAIL TV on the CB Music YouTube Channel and you'll see one reason why this site has been a bit neglected. My plan is for both to work together to keep you all informed and enlist your support in building the DownEast music capital.

The video medium is a great way to show the wonderful array of music and other arts here in Greater Metropolitan Lubec and it's catching on. Your visits, likes, and comments can help keep it going, and so support the arts in our community as the S.A.I.L. title asserts (see July 4 entry)..

July 4, 2012

While you're waiting for the all-new, database-driven, content managent formatted dynamic and up-to-date presentation, have a look at the new S.A.I.L. TV monthly video. This new enterprise is produced by Supporting Arts In Lubec and CB Music and is a video presentation of upcoming arts events and highlights of the previous month's happenings. Let me know what you think of it!

Thanks to Jerry Conway for the S.A.I.L. logo and "Lou" the Lubec Whale.

March 5, 2012

The Whale Wailed, and the 2nd CCLC Third Friday Coffee House is now in the past with the 3rd, featuring Duane Ingalls, a couple of weeks away. Before we know it, Attila Vural will be packing his bags and amazing guitars to leave Switzerland and come to Lubec to entertain us on May 5 and 6, with a special for the Lubec school kids on May 7.

This site will be getting a major overhaul soon. Visit the calendar and forum links to see a couple of the features which are working now. The bare-bones Joomla! look will eventually be adapted to a whole new format intended to bring more participation and utility and help build and promote the Lubec and Cobscook Bay area music community.

It's a slow process - but we're getting there.

January 1, 2012

Thanks to Jerry Conway for the great Winter Wail logo!

Off we go on another experiment! The Winter Wail (see above & below) is taking off. Besides all kinds of fun, I'm hoping the Wail will spark creativity among musicians and other participants and ignite the process of generating new ideas for making the Lubec neighborhood a musical hot spot. Spring will be here before we know it and this time we will be ready!

Note the new calendar and forum links - these features are still in a "rough" state but are the beginnings of a more interactive and dynamic site that will invite your - audience and peformers alike - interaction and move toward my goal of a "one-stop" musical center for the area.

November 28 2011

Debra Cowan has been a January tradition since 2010 when she performed her first Washington County show on a snowy Thursday night at the CCLC. We started talking then about expanding on the success of her first performance and this year we're going to do it.

Sassafras Stomp will kick off the Lubec "Winter Wail" with a contradance workshop for the kids at the Lubec Consolidated School on Friday, and Debra will christen the CCLC's new Friday Night Coffee House series with a concert Friday evening. We'll have a full weekend of music and other events at the School and other locations. Come join us, stay over, help our restaurants stay open through the "dark season" and celebrate life in this beautiful setting - beautiful even in the dead of winter. Lots more TBA - stay tuned.

October 4 2011

The wonder of last weekend's visit from Ronny Cox, Karen Mal, and Radoslav Lorkovic still permeates my thoughts while at the same time I'm listening to the new CD from October's guest, Andrew McKnight. I can't begin to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to share such talent with you and to be smack in the middle of it all. Please - mark your calendars *now* for October 28-29. We'll have a concert, workshop, house concert/jam, and something special for the kids at Lubec Consolidated High School.

August 30

Pirates on the horizon and I still haven't had a chance to post anything about the incredible collaboration of Maryann Price and the Austin Thomas Unit that took place a weekend ago. And 4 gig of photos from the Bangor American Folk Festival and recordings to edit and Ronny Cox will be on his way with Radoslav and Karen in just a few weeks! Come out to the dock Saturday morning and watch, weather permitting of course, the first arial Pirate invasion while O'Mcrelli plus the Pink Capos perform on the Cobscook Bay Music Arena stage.

August 7 2011

You may have noticed I haven't been keeping the online calendar up to date. I'm working on a new and better system and hope to have it functional soon.

It was wonderful to have Debra Cowan come back and share more great folk songs and the stories behind them, and to enjoy the connection Debra made with the Sunrise County Ramblers at the Friday night Crow Town concert. Traditional folk has a great future! Speaking of which - talk is increasing about a January winter defiance festival....

Looking forward to the return of Maryann Price, alumnus of Dan Hicks, Asleep at the Wheel, the Kinks, and last year Trio Del Rio, who were a big hit here last summer. Maryann is doing a solo tour this year but will team up with Warren Foley & Jon Watts here for at least one performance. More information later.

But Wait! There's More! Cobscook Bay Music (c'est moi) is partnering with Cobscook Community Learning Center for an August Concert Series - Sunday afternoons at 8 pm. Weather permitting the music will be outdoor in the Center's ampitheater.

July 24

A great evening with Adam Nordell on Friday, plus our 2 out of 3 of the Sunrise County Ramblers. The latter started the show with foot-stomping, whistling & clapping music and primed the audience for Adam's sensitive, introspective, but sometimes uproariously funny songs and stories. A unique artist, we'll have him back so those who missed out on the fun can have a second chance. We wish Adam well as he pedals his four-wheeler (2 on the bike, 2 on the trailer. Not sure if he has big honkin' airhorns on the bike but he should), singing and playing his way to Portland.

Oh - so swamped I didn't have time to comment on Rod Picott's show on July 9. Good turnout and a ton of laughter. Rod's not just a great singer/songwriter - he could make it as a stand-up comic too. A wonderful close to the Lubec Bicentennial excitement. Really want to post pics and clips... maybe in winter when their's allegedly nothing to do here. Yeah, right.

July 14 - A wonderful project for Lubec from Mark Buell - Coops Too

So, here's what we're proposing: a hodgepodge of many things. A folklore center; a place to have a coffee; a refuge from facebook (even though I've lately become an addict); a place to hide from commercial music and so a place to make (or learn to make) your own. A place for stories. A folklore center is a place that focuses on the people inside it: their gaze is not outside wishing for another's greener grass, but inward, seeking ways to cultivate their own. Sounds a little strange? Well, consider the source!

To start, every month, for one week, lessons will be offered on guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele (really, they're very cool) -- I'll even throw in the Appalachian dulcimer if there's any takers. Beginners welcome, and depending on the instrument and style we could get pretty advanced. I'm open to individual lessons, small groups, families -- whatever seems most comfortable. But the idea is not to have a lesson and then go home and practice alone, but to jam and sing and explore -- with real people. Play in the nursing homes, and school rooms, sing in the parks and gazebo, take your mandolin to Quoddy Head and sing a song to East.

On July 16th, Coops Too will be having a very informal open house at 56 Washington Street. Not sure about the time yet -- and I haven't even been inside the building, so I don't yet know exactly what we can have in there in terms of food and beverages or even sizes of groups. But, we will fill it with people, big and small, and we'll smile and sing and play.

Remember, it'll be a place to learn, not pose: We're not looking for the next American Idol. (Arrrgh!) Singing out of tune will be greatly encouraged and appreciated -- I will definitely be the leader in that respect!.

Check us out on the 16th! @ 2pm.. Thanks!!!

June 14

Still recovering from Bicentennial Mania. Thanks to all for a memorable (in the best possible way) experience! Thanks for all who supported my "mini-music festival," especially the volunteers manning the gates, built and hauled the stage to the site, and braved the fog & chill to enjoy Schooner Fare. Rod Picott was a hit also in the last of the Bicentennial series. Hope he'll be back with Amanda Shires in the fall or winter. Adam Nordell is next and then Debra Cowan and then Maryann Price and Warren Foley and then... still more. "Music all year 'round!"

June 28

Bicentennial Concert #1 was a huge success - SRO! The house concert the night before was less well-attended, but went on longer and was great fun. Beginning with Michael DeLalla's clectic repertoire, covering everything from Tanzania to the Hebrides and between, it changed drastically when Jim O'Niel and John Viselli arrived and Michael switched to a flat-picking jam that lasted 'til the wee hours.

On Saturday, Daphne Nichols and Michael filled the Crow Town Gallery, their distinct styles contrasting yet complementing each other and even blending in a great duet.

Now it's on to the big one - a first for me. A full day and evening outdoor show featuring Schooner Fare, of whom I've been a fan since the '80's. Looking forward to seeing a huge crowd there!

June 9, 2011

Now begins a most exciting period in the Cobscook Bay Music adventure. Three straight weekends of concerts including my first ever outdoor effort featuring none other than Schooner Fare, of whom I have been in awe since about 1987. The adventure starts with a house concert by Michael DeLallala, an amazing fingerstyle guitarist and all around good guy. The next day he'll be joined by Daphne Nichols. If the last name sound familiar it should since Daphne is the daughter of the well-known Gene Nichols. She'll be joined by her dad and bassist Heron Weston from Eastport. Michael and Daphne will share the bill at Crow Town Gallery on June 25 and given their classical training and innovative styles, the result is bound to be a musically enrichening afternoon.

Schooner Fare will top off an all afternoon music festival featuring some of our favorite local artists. Schooner Fare will also participate in a ceremony at the Fisherman's Memorial site before their concert begins.

On July 9, Rod Picott, who gave up sheet rock work here in Maine to make it big first collaborating with Slaid Cleaves and then making a name for himself in Nashville, will return (if you weren't here in December you missed a great show by Rod and his partner Amanda Shires) to Lubec riding the wave of his new CD release, "Welding Burns." Rod would like to present a song writing workshop on the 10th, if I can round up 10 interested people. Who wouldn't want an opportunity to learn from a master such as Rod? Contact me so we can make this happen!

May 30, 2011 - Memorial Day

Just a few more weeks until the first of Cobscook Bay Music's Bicentennial Concert series. From one per month to three straight weekends and then even after the Bicentennial celebration is officially over, two more concerts are scheduled in July. Hope to see you at *all* of them!

May 14, 2011

Still not sure the season has started but it was a warm Spring day for the concert. Thanks to all who helped make this second SoS concert a wonderful event!

April 24, 2011

It's almost here - the "Start of the Season" concert. Welcome back David Mallett, Susan Ramsey, and Michael Burd as well as a long-overdue Spring. Monica's dinners are already sold out but we'll have coupons for you for Frank's Dockside and the Water Street Tavern.

March 21, 2011

"Cabin Fever" ended with a great jam and a great audience for Steve Erwin. I'm encouraged enough to reconsider taking a break in May/June and having at least one more. Meanwhile tickets are already selling for David Mallet. If you want to have one of Monica's wonderful dinners better hurry - 1/4 sold already as of this writing.

March 3, 2011

A great turnout and a great time at Crow Town Gallery last Saturday with Slim Chance & the Can't Hardly Playboys. I wish I had time to put some of the many photos and recordings from all the concerts on this site but it's more important to be planning the next ones. Steve Erwin is an outstanding musician and I can't wait til you hear him if you haven't yet. See you on March 19 and yes - David Mallett is coming back April 30! See the "Coming Events" link for more.

January 23, 2011

Thanks to all for coming out yesterday to hear Debra Cowan and Stephen Sanfillipo. The two-concert formula helped dodge winters whim. Friday's show was cancelled but we did get a little music in anyway thanks to the Water Street Tavern.

January 21, 2011

As of 1130 am the forecast for this evening is not encouraging but we will hold off cancelling until it is hopeless, i.e. decision at 4 pm.

December 27, 2010

So sad we had to cancel Rod & Amanda's Friday concert but Saturday's was great fun. Can't wait 'til they come back for a longer visit.

November 23, 2010

Thanks to Jud Caswell for two great performances and a very informative workshop! We hope it was the first of many.

Rod and Amanda have finished their Texas gigs and are resting up before heading North on their "Lubbock to Lubec" tour. Mark December 17 and 18 on your calendars now - you won't want to miss them!

October 24, 2010

Do you write songs, think about writing songs, really want to write song, wonder how songs are written, or maybe *need* to write a song? Jud Caswell's songs are used as teaching material and he is a highly regarded craftsman with eight national song-writing awards. He'll share his thoughts, hints and "tools of the trade" in an informal workshop on Saturday, November 13 at 11 am - location and price to be announced.

October 5, 2010

Thanks to Jack & Ronny and all who came to see them. We dodged another bullet weather-wise - that is, the wind died down before and the rain held off til after the concert in Eastport. The unannounced concert in Lubec was a pleasure too. Want to know about "unannounced concerts?" Send me an email and get on my "secret list." It's that easy.

Next up - November 12-13 in Lubec - Jud Caswell.

September 30, 2010

We're all hoping "Nicole" turns out to be another "Earle" for Eastport and doesn't mess up the wonderful concert by Jack Williams and Ronny Cox Friday night - October 1 at 7 pm. Watch the weather forcast and if in doubt, call (207) 853-4650 to make sure the concert is a "go."

August 29, 2010

Red Molly is in Eastport next Saturday, September 4! RM isn't a CBM concert but I wish they were. I have a front-row ticket and am urging everyone to see this amazing group. They are the best. See the Eastport Arts Center for ticket purchase. If you're in Lubec, let me know - maybe we can arrange for a water taxi.

Jack Williams and Ronny Cox will be at Eastport Arts October 1. This concert *is* one of mine so please make plans to be there. Those who were at Jack's concert at the CCLC last September know he's a "must" to experience whenever you can. Ronny is well-known as an actor - "Deliverence" to "Robocop" and many more - but his folksinging and songwriting are something new for most of us.

Just got back from my first visit to the Bangor Folk Festival - what a great event! Hope I can find time somewhere to put some photos and a few recorded highlights. Want to do that for the Cobscook events as well. Congratulations to the folks who work so hard to put this together.

August 18, 2010

How did I get so lucky? Every month, wonderful people making wonderful music, and more wonderful people enjoying it. Can't wait for Dana & Susan to come back next year, and looking forward to the return of Jack and Judy and meeting Ronny Cox next month. Mark your calendars for Friday, October 1!

July 21, 2010

Next up is Dana & Susan Robinson. They are old friends to many up here in New England, but I'm looking forward to hearing them for the first time. A song and story performance in the intimate setting of the CCLC on August 13, a noisier and more pub-like show at Anna's on the 14th, and I'm working on something special for their arrival on Thursday, the 12th. They'll also be appearing in Calais - I'll add that date shortly but I think it's Tuesday, the 10th.

What fun it was having Maryann Price, MariLisa, Tanner, George, and Raeh hanging out in my "music room," jamming and rehearsing and then a wonderful set of concerts at CCLC and Annabell's. Trio Del Rio DELIVERED and I am sad for those who missed their extraordinary performances. That nearly the whole audience from CCLC showed up at Anna's the next night, and all were on their feet at the end of both performances speaks for the exciting audio visual experience that TDR produces. They'll be back!

July 5

Actually just writing this on the 21st - can't keep up with all the excitement. Many thanks to Richard & Elena for a wonderful show at Brian's Bistro (aka the Newman chalet etc.) and their "special guest" appearance at Anna's on the 4th. Some pics on Facebook (link later).

June 28

Thanks to all for the great support, compliments, and for being part of the best place imaginable to live. Morgan loved his first visit and everyone wants him to come back. I think that can be arranged... but first - July is nearly upon us and that means Trio Del Rio. Although Austin, Texas based, TDR's Maryann Price spends as much time as she can in Maine and has a cabin in near Bethel. Let's give her and her Texas friends - MariLisa, Tanner, and George a warm welcome on July 16 and 17.

June 24

Pain, heartbreak, sorrow and misery - that's what Friday and Saturday, June 18 and 19 were about and everyone loved it! Of course, we're talking about Morgan Davis at the Cobscook Community Learning Center and Annabell's. Saturday's History Workshop was a hit too, bringing one person all the way from San Diego to attend. Well, all right, he was here for other reasons but was drawn in and brought his friends. Everyone learned a lot - no instruments were required - but by fortuitous coincidence our own Warren Foley dropped by and joined Morgan in a great two-song jam.

May 8

What an experience! It is always a thrill to hear musicians like David Mallett, Susan Ramsey, and Michael Burd. To hear them in an environment like the Congregational Christian Church, with it's beautiful architecture and magnificent acoustics is something rare indeed. A big thank you to all who attended, all who helped set up, and the sponsors - the Peacock House, Bay Views B&B, and Monica Elliott, whose cooking received rave reviews from those fortunate enough to have acquired a lunch or dinner plus concert ticket.

And special thanks to Gary Cook, whose opening songs set a wonderful mood for what followed.

March 18

Welcome and thank you to Bay Views B&B and The Peacock House B&B for providing accomodations for David Mallett and the band.

March 15

Tickets are on sale now for the David Mallett concert so don't wait - save money and let us know you are coming by purchasing them online. Remember David's "the Garden Song? "Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow?" You can help make this concert grow - download a flyer and help pass the word. Advance ticked sales will help encourage sponsorship, and sponsorships, which will help fund the Lubec Bicentennial.

March 3, 2010

Great News!

Cobscook Bay Music has arranged for none other than David Mallet, Susan Ramsey, and Michael Burd, with Tom Gordon on the sound console, to perform at the Lubec Congregational Church on May 1. Proceeds will be for the benefit of the 2011 Lubec Bicentennial Celebration. More details soon. Sponsors and other help wanted. Contact me

February 1, 2010

Bitter and Sweet

The bitter, as many of you know, is the loss of Wayne and Lorraine Rice in a car accident on Friday. They will be missed by the community and by everyone at the Cobscook Community Learning Center where they worked added to the joy at the Monday night music jams.

The "First Friday Pizza Night" will be postponed until Feb. 12 in honor of this beautiful couple.

The Sweet

Despite a snowy night, an enthusiastic crowd sang along with Debra or were breathlessly hypnotized by her marvelous voice as she guided us through a mini-history of folk music.. Both the CCLC and the Cobscook Bay Area Chamber of Commerce were delighted with the response, the sponsor, aka me, most of all, since this was my first winter experiment. Here are some of Debra's words excerpted from her blog:

"I just returned from a lovely but cold trip to Northern Maine. I had never been to that area before and I was overcome by the beauty of the landscape. I did a show in the town of Lubec which has the distinction of being the Eastern-most town in the USA. It was a cold and snowy evening, but a number of hearty souls came out and we all had a great time..."

"...As wonderful as the scenery is, the people I met were the best part. I was welcomed with open arms and made to feel as if I belonged to these communities. Thank you, Maine! I'll definitely be back."

Highlight of highlights was Deb's performance, well, more than a performance, on Friday at the Whiting Middle school. Photos later...

We're discussing plans for more winter music next year. If you have suggestions, thoughts, ideas, desires - want to help - please, drop me an email!"

January 5, 2010

The time has been agreed upon for Debra's concert. Doors will open at 6:15 so you will have time for refreshments and socializing before the concert starts at 7. Looking forward to seeing you all there. See the link above for more information.

Thanks to the Last Friday Coffee House - Schoodic Arts for working with Cobscook Bay Music to bring both Jack Williams to our area. Debra will be at the LFCH the following night so you'll have another chance to hear her.

December 10, 2009

Why didn't somebody email me and tell me the email form was broken???

Ok - due to technical difficulties beyond my control (i.e. I'm not too bright) progress has been slow. Much has been going on behind the scenes though (reading manuals & stuff) and I'm happy to announce Cobscook Bay Music's first concert tour of 2010 will be none other than Debra Cowan. Deb will be at the Cobscook Community Learning Center on January 28 and Last Friday Coffee House in Winter Harbor on the 29th. More details soon to come. Visit Debra's web site to learn more about one of my favorite folk artists.

October 4, 2009

What a week! What a great honor to hang out with Jack Williams and his wonderful wife Judy and attend three of his four concerts in Maine. Trescott, Winter Harbor, and Calais were all different and all verified Jack's status as the ultimate entertainer and superb musician. Pictures and sound clips coming soon.

Last Monday was the CCLC super song circle beginning a week of 10th anniversary festivities. The usual Monday evening jam was enhanced by great pizza and other goodies and a full house audience. Illustrations on that coming soon too.

October 3 was another CCLC extravaganza, this time an all-day concert by both local musicians and favorites from further afield. Sounds and pics on the way.