I met Jo at a song circle at a Brendapalooza (defined in the RMMGA entry which I haven't written yet) quite some time ago. Couldn't believe I was going to follow this amazing performer - yikes! But she was so good I think the afterglow helped me, and she encouraged me. One of the wonders of making music is how we help each other along and I think I remember every person who has said something nice without solicitation. Jo's kind of "anchored" to New Jersey so hasn't been able to accept my invitation to a CB Music event but it's been gratifying to watch her career from afar.

Visit Jo's web site and her other online locations:

Jo Wymer Music Studios
NAPW Woman of the Year 2013-2015
2010 & 2012 AMA Award Winner
2010& 2012 New Jersey Acoustic Musician's Guild Top Performer Award Winner