A perfect combination.

I owe a lot to my friend McGinley Jones for encouraging me to host a concert by her friend Liz Rogers. She was a hit, we bacame friends too, and came back to perform at the Gallery with O'McCrelli. Then Liz started performing with Eugene. I'd been a fan since Eugene joined the Paul Winter Consort in 1980, and a fan of the Consort since the late 60s. Actually before that, when Paul was playing jazz and I was in my teens. Liz and Eugene have done several concerts in Lubec and each one was a "beyond musical" experience. I've had some wonderful and heart-warming audience reactions, but the combination of these two folks warm personalities, musicianship. and inspirational message exceeded them all. Eugene's cello and Liz' voice and lyrics prove the  "whole greater than the sum of its parts"  saying. I've (jokingly) said I should add a "therapy and catharsis" surcharge for their performances. 

We'd kinda hoped for a visit this summer but the cursed virus has put that on hold. Eugene and Liz released their first collaborative CD, "Down in Yon Forest" in 2019. You can acquire it and her solo CDs on her web site - https://elizabethrogers.com/

Eugene is conducting online cello intensives and other activities and you can learn about those plus lots of videos and CDs on his site - https://eugenefriesenmusic.com/

This has to be one of my favorite videos. Nina Bohlen's birds, the Gallery (note Eugene's comment), and the music fused in a moment that is still therapeutical for me in this "age of absurdity," as Paul Winter describes it.