Frank is another RMMGA connection. I first met him at "Rosie's Cafe," Brenda Wirth's creation named after the late lamented dog, Rosie. George's first CD was named "In the Basement with Rosie." Anyway, I added Frank to my list of potential CB Music guests. He was living in New York or some awful place at the time, but wisely followed me to Maine some years later. Portland, to be exact, and though some Down Easters might quibble that Portland is in Massachussetts, at least he can get here in a few hours, and we're glad he can. 

Frank's In Musicorum Veritas w/Frank Fotusky (click this) will be online Wednesdays @ 8pm but not all Wednesdays so check the link. Frank has a Tip Jar:

Tip jars: or Venmo: @Francis-Fotusky-1 if you have the ability to help this, momentarily stationary, wandering minstrel.

Frank's looking forward to returning to Lubec and we're looking forward to seeing him. In the meantime, visit his web site -, enjoy his online concerts, and here's the promo video for Frank's 2017 concert to tide you over: