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A New Era continuing a Grand Tradition

(from Bonnie) -
Longtime Crow Town Gallery owner, Bonnie Beard, has handed the keys over to Shanna Wheelock who will, from here on out, operate the gallery. They are two happy gals! Updates to come after the new gallerist settles in.

(from Shanna) -
I am excited to finally (and formally) announce that I am the new owner/operator of Crow Town Gallery in Lubec. I've been a bit absent on facebook lately (and in other realms) and this is partly why. I'm busy with renovations and getting settled. I'm very happy! Thank you to the former gallerist/owner , Bonnie Beard, for entrusting me with her gallery that she has run for many years, offering the community a place to enjoy inspiring artwork and concerts. It truly is a dream come true for me!

Photos by Lisa M. Dellwo. Thank you, Lisa, for capturing the finalizing of the deal! 


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26 Oct 2019n07:00PM - nHiroya Tsukamoto

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