Since there is absolutely no packaged yeast to be found, we have been making our own sourdough starter. Husband has been placing the jar in the oven with the light on so that the wee Yeastie Boyz can do their thing.

I needed to use the oven again, but the wee sticky was flipped up so that it was no longer over the oven button and in my absent-mindedness, turned on the oven. This time, I had baked the starter so thoroughly it looked like bread. After a bunch of cursing, I amended the note and placed it next to the cooked starter. But....Everything was fine until I needed to bake something and forgot the jar was in there. Big oops. I killed the starter and we had to begin all over again and this time, husband placed a sticky over the button to start the oven. Problem solved for a while, until....

Before I killed the original starter, husband had placed half of the discarded starter in a jar (you have to do that to feed it) thus we didn't have to start over with a fresh batch. Happy ending.

What Happened to April?

I try not to be intrusive with these emails; if your inbox is anything like mine, the daily barrage can become unmanageable and I don't want to over-contribute. Since I had sent a Newsflash in mid-March as the stay-at-home saga began to ramp up, I decided to give you all a rest from the April missive. If you missed the Newsflash that was sent out, you can still view it here: . This was a very short listing of how you can help your favorite independent musicians, many of whom have lost their livelihoods due to Covid-19. Below is some more information on how you can help out, whether it be me or other musicians.

Buy Music!

There are many places where you can purchase music, but the best place that helps the artist is when you purchase directly from them. One of the best messages that makes our day is when someone emails: "How can I buy your music?"

I will also add that my music, CD or digital is ALWAYS available through me personally. All you need to do is send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can go from there.

Buying My Music

CDs - Buy One, Get One!

For an unlimited time (in other words forever) I'll send you a free CD when you purchase any of the six titles that I have on the website. I have a lot of CDs that are looking for good homes and the only place where you can purchase my CDs is from me via my website or getting in touch with me. You may see my CDs on other websites and if you do, please know that these are being sold without my permission and I don''t get compensated at all. If you are uncomfortable with online transactions, I'll gladly take a check or take a credit card number over the phone. The bonus with the latter is that we get to have a conversation!

Digital Downloads - Bandcamp

All of my digital downloads are now being offered through Bandcamp. I have been with them for over 12 years now and I love their business model. Below is one of the many reasons:

This Friday (that's tomorrow!) Bandcamp will forgo its share of sales for a 24-hour period that will last from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. PST time. The initiative will also repeat on June 5 and July 3, and will last from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. PST time on all three days.

Another reason I love Bandcamp is that I am able to post individual tracks and make them available for free or with a pay-what-you can model. Take a look at what I've got over there. perhaps there is something you haven't heard yet!

Deb! What Ya Gonna Do With All the Money That Pours In?

All proceeds from all sales are going to help my Union's Emergency Relief Fund and will also help to pay an amount that I would normally pay to help keep the Local running. The latter is called work dues and with every performance, 2.5% of my earnings goes to the Union. Since there are no performances scheduled for the foreseeable future, I see this as as something that I can do to help this organization that I care deeply about.

You can donate to the ERF as well. Go to to contribute. You can also mail a check if you prefer. Thank you!




Farewell Aunt Anita


Anita Kurland was my father's sister and was the last surviving member of her generation in our family. On Feb. 11, she turned 95 and celebrated in style at the Abundant Blessings Elder Crae facility in Denver, CO.  She was an amazing woman and was like a second

Mom to my siblings and me. She was a teacher in the Los Angeles Unidied School district and even after retirement (twice!) she always gave her time to kids in a classroom no matter where she was, in Los Angles or in Denver where she moved in 2011.

I will miss her very much. She and I had some amazing times together and she always had a positive outlook on life and it's many twists and turns. She said to me once that she wanted it written as her epitaph "She couldn't find a man, but a parking space was never a problem". When ever I am in need of parking, I invoke "Anita Power" and I have to admit, it never fails and parking spaces magically become available.


How We All Doin'?

C is for Cat and Capo


We are doing ok here in Central Massachusetts. The cats are happy that everyone is home and when we do have to go out for groceries or to get take-away food (we also feel strongly about supporting our local eateries) we wear masks, gloves and make sure we stay at least the 6 ft. apart from other folks. As you can see, Hazel is not keeping her distance from my Shubb capo.

I do hope that you and yours are staying safe as well. I think the most difficult aspect of this is seeing so many deaths and losses to this pandemic. If you have lost a loved one or friend to this disease, my heart goes out to you and I am sending lots of love your way.

Please stay at home, stay safe and hold your loved ones close. As always, I enjoy hearing from you, even if it's to say "Hello In There".