"...no they can't Take away our Music."
                                                    Eric Burdon and War 

The wealth of online concerts and events is growing. I hope artists benefit from this stand-down and have been able to reach new audiences who will stay with them even when we're free to gather in person. Once you get the hang of it, its wonderful to be able to see and hear our favorite friends and performers and neither of us has to travel. I hope that the events calendar and Musician's Portal help in this endeavor, and that you will enjoy their efforts and support them as you can. Even "subscribes" on YouTube channels and "Likes" on Facebook help. Patreon too.

We love them when times are good. We need them when times are bad. The new direction of Cobscook Bay Music and this web site will be to explore ways to adapt to an online economy, to bring together our musicians and artists in an online community, and to amplify the efforts of my friends to make a living in the gigless covid-world. I hope you'll check out the articles in the Musician's Portal - commentary section for more on this.

I hope you will join me in this adventure. Subscribe to the newsletter so that I can let you know as new features are added and, I hope, you can let me know your own thoughts and activities. I intend to creat forums and other two-way communications as a focused alternative to the commercial social media and it's associated stress and confusion. 

The subscribe feature for the newsletter is functional, but I've de-activated user registration until I've thoroughly secured it - the spammers and trouble-makers are busier than ever these days. Be well everyone!

In the meantime, there are things you can do to help your favorite musicians survive:

Follow the links to their online concerts, CD sales, and other endeavors they are pursuing and support them.

Don't just watch their youtube videos - "like," comment, and most important, *subscribe* to their youtube channels. This can help them qualify for "monetizing" their channels. I haven't pursued that with my channel yet but if it became feasible I would certainly use it to help support the arts. As it is, I intend to do more work on using youtube to promote the artists.

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Music Now & Next

29 May 2022n02:00PM - nthe Kennedys - Weekly Live Stream

Jason Roach is perhaps best known as the thunderous keyboard guy with Coig, but he's an outstanding visual artist too. Have a look at Outer Strathspace Folk Art for an otherworldly mix of bird-sea-music something. I like it so much I even overlook someone's penchant for referring to various bird species as "seagull."

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The Stockford Park stage - mural by Sherry Ashby - http://sherryashby.com/

Putep’s Tale: The Lost Finback Whale of Lubec, Maine

Putep's Tale, by Rhonda Welcome and Chuck Kniffen, tells the true tale of a finback whale that washed up on the shore of Lubec, Maine and how it has become a part of the community. With illustrations by Andrew Long, artwork by Sherry Ashby and performed by Kit Rodgers, the book is brought to life by Maine Public Television.

Purchase the book at Turtle Dance Totems



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