"...no they can't Take away our Music."
                                                    Eric Burdon and War 

and is a terrific solo performer also.

She was still with the Mollies when I met her through my friends, George and Brenda Wirth. George joined Red Molly in opening with his hit, "Old Dancin' Fool" which they had covered. I had just acquired my house in Maine and conceived of the concert idea and so I invited the group up. That has not yet happened, though they did make it to Eastport with Molly Venter, who replaced Carolann when she embarked on a solo career. Carolann is a wonderful songwriter and performer and a great friend and it was wonderful having her come to visit a few years later. And of course I talked Carolann into doing "dancin' fool" with me after everybody left.

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29 May 2022n02:00PM - nthe Kennedys - Weekly Live Stream

Jason Roach is perhaps best known as the thunderous keyboard guy with Coig, but he's an outstanding visual artist too. Have a look at Outer Strathspace Folk Art for an otherworldly mix of bird-sea-music something. I like it so much I even overlook someone's penchant for referring to various bird species as "seagull."

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The Stockford Park stage - mural by Sherry Ashby - http://sherryashby.com/

Putep’s Tale: The Lost Finback Whale of Lubec, Maine

Putep's Tale, by Rhonda Welcome and Chuck Kniffen, tells the true tale of a finback whale that washed up on the shore of Lubec, Maine and how it has become a part of the community. With illustrations by Andrew Long, artwork by Sherry Ashby and performed by Kit Rodgers, the book is brought to life by Maine Public Television.

Purchase the book at Turtle Dance Totems



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