but actually Eliza has not yet performed as a CB Music artist. She is, though, one of the performers who were scheduled to appear in Ellsworth the first summer I spent in my newly-purchased house in Lubec. The others that I recall were Shawn Phillips and Harry Manx. I thought, "wow - some of my favorite musicians and only 90 miles away!" Then the whole thing was scrubbed and my annoyance became another factor in starting my own concert series. 

Iain Matthews introduced me to Eliza, though I didn't meet her in person until about a year ago. Yes, Iain should be on this page too - give me time. It was her new video - "Promises to Keep" - that caused me to move her to the head of the line. Her writing and voice are always superb, and the animation with this video is perfectly matched. 

Visit Eliza's web site to acquire a signed copy of the album - "2020" - as I intend to do. Being saturated with CDs, LPs, books, photos, and dust I had sworn off acquiring anything more. No more. Not at all. 

Well, except for "2020," and George Wirth's new one, and look there - Joan Baez has covered Eliza's "Great Correction" on her album. And Rod Picott... and... and...

Tell them "Fred sent ya" - or not.